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Gwen Cooper
28 November 2007 @ 07:46 pm
The flat in Cardiff.

The sun streams through the curtains in the bedroom. The green and red ones that Gwen is so fond of.

Gwen, with her hand against Rhys' shoulder, and a slight smile on her face, gazes down at his sleeping form.

Or supposed sleeping form.

"You know it's rude to stare." He murmurs with eyes closed.

She bursts out laughing, her nose wrinkling in delight.

Giggling, "I thought telepathy would get you to make me a cuppa."

He turns into her, fingers caressing her elbow as her hand slides up his neck, looking down at him.

"What's it worth?"

"What do you want?"

"I'll draw you a diagram, shall I?" He says softly before reaching up to cup the back of her head, bringing her down for a kiss.

A long kiss. A...very long kiss.

A quick kiss later, he rolls out of bed. Gwen grins, "Nice arse!"

Rhys pauses in the doorway and slaps his bum in a shave and a haircut rhythym. Gwen laughs unabashed, before covering her mouth as the phone rings. She goes for it--

"Don't answer it."

She stops giggling as she notices the caller id.

Torchwood. Who else.

Solemn: "Yep?"

Jack asks her a very simple question. "You watching the news?"

Gwen sits on the corner of the table in her robe, as Rhys is busy in the kitchen, making coffee.

"There's speculation that the incidents overnight may be linked. Initial reports suggested terrorist involvement."
Gwen turns to glance at Rhys before turning back to the tv.

"But this morning, some intelligence experts have claimed the incidents may be a stunt. The first sightings were of UFOs over the Taj Mahal in India."

She raises her eyebrows at the footage of UFOs hovering in India. Her eyes glance over the captions (Beatles on the roof of Abbey Road studios, fears of guillotine appearance in Paris, samurai warror on the rampage in Tokyo subway system) as the reporter continues.

"They came in just after midnight. In London this morning there were reports of men in historic dress firing upon police. Some religious groups are claiming events overnight are vindication of their teachings."

Rhys comes to sit on the couch, in his robe now. "Do you think it's terrorists?"

"Terrorists bomb things. This is different." She says, intently watching the interviews of religious groups.

"People didn't believe us. Now they should. Judgement day is finally here! This is the End of Days!"

Gwen swallows hard.
Gwen Cooper
13 August 2007 @ 06:41 pm
Tonight was a good night.

Gwen and Rhys spend a night together full of fun. They're bowling, they're seeing some stupid movie ("I fell asleep, Rhys!") and now...dinner.

They discuss her job...which she doesn't want to do, regardless of how excited she is about it. "Let's have an early night."

Rhys turns to the waitress with a grin. "Check, please!"

And then...something zooms across the sky, on fire. It's not a plane like Rhys thinks, and Gwen murmurs her thought on that. They run and follow it down the street.

It crashes somewhere in the distance with a flash of light.

"What was that?" Rhys asked, incredulously.

Gwen's phone beeps. She digs it out and looks at it.


Gwen turns to Rhys, looking sort of bright. "I've got to go to work."
Gwen Cooper
09 February 2007 @ 01:19 pm
It was a rainy, nasty night. Cold and wet as Gwen walked through the throng of police officers, peering over people's shoulders to get a look at the body in the alley, illuminated in the rain by lamps. A police officer walked by with coffee in a cardboard holder. She snagged one with a smile, "Aw, thank you."

The policeman looked a bit peeved, "I've got enough, it's in order."

"Well," Gwen said smartly, a smile still in place. "I've only just arrived, so tough!" She turned around as someone else asks what they do now and went to stand with her partner, Andy. She glanced up at him, then back at the body Andy's staring at.

"Who is it?" She sipped at her coffee. Ack, a bit too hot. She'd wait a moment, then.

"Don't know, some bloke." Andy shrugged, crossing his arms. "You going to step out on Friday?"

Gwen wrinkled her brow, shifting. "What is it, drinks?"

Andy glanced down at her. "Getting a pizza, I think."

"Might do, yeah." Gwen nodded with a pensieve look, then wrinkled her brow again as they watched the police pack up their gear and move away from the corpse, hurrying past.

"Aye, aye." Andy straightened, looking confused. "What's happening here, then?"

The group walked past them, leaving Gwen to stare after them incredulously. Andy was the first to snap out of it, rushing around to ward the crowd off, moving them back. "Move back, if you could. Thank you!"

Gwen stepped up after him, asking what was going on, but when Andy didn't answer, she found an investigator. "Excuse me, sir, what's going on?"

The man shook his head, looking irritated. "Buggered if I know. It's orders from above."

"But the body's still in there, though. You can't just leave it." Gwen shook her head, gesturing at the body.

"'Move back' they said, 'clear the site.'" The investigator continued to shake his head. "Special access they said."

"For who?"

The one word was muttered gruffly, irritatedly: "Torchwood."

A car pulled up behind them, brakes squealing in the rain and out stepped an impressive bunch, quickly soaked by the rain, carrying loads of equipment. Gwen watched them pass with an odd expression on her face. "Who's Torchwood?"

"Special Ops or something." the guy said, glancing at her coffee. "Is that hot?"

Gwen nodded, handing it over to him. "Yeah, have it." She gestured at the body and the group crowding around it. "But they're not allowed in there! They could contaminate the evidence and all sorts. I mean, haven't they--"

"Don't ask me." The investigator said, grumpily, taking her coffee happily. "There's no procedure anymore. It's a fucking disgrace."

He moved off to enjoy his coffee, away from the rain, away from Torchwood. Gwen stayed put, watching the group that had just arrived. A man in a military coat that looked like it was from the forties stood there, surveying the area. The others were setting up equipment, and Gwen couldn't quite see what was going on. She sighed, looked up and...a parking lot right above the body.

No one can say Gwen wasn't as creative as she was curious.

She ran off towards the parking lot, up the stairs till she reached the top floor, where she hid herself along the ledge, peering over.

The perfect view.

And the perfect place to eavesdrop from. Come on, then, Torchwood. Let's see what you're good for.
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Gwen Cooper
13 January 2007 @ 08:17 pm
She'd been shot two days ago. By some kid in some stupid country village.

Two days and she hadn't told Rhys, not really. She knew he'd probably seen, how could he have not? And she'd been distant...and sometimes when she showered it just hurt. A lot.

She'd been watching telly with Rhys when she couldn't get him out of her head...and she needed someone to talk to, and she could not talk to Rhys (but she could lie brilliantly). "Ah, Rhys?" she whispered. "I need to go to work. Got a text."

Rhys just looked at her, sighed and nodded and let her go.

And so she walked...and walked. And somehow ended up at Owen's (she'd never been there before but she'd looked his files up on Torchwood's computers), at his front door. Knocking on it.

Feeling like a stupid girl, nervous.
Gwen Cooper
21 December 2006 @ 08:12 pm
This is Gwen's death:

It is slow and it is painful. A splitting headache as Suzie's lifeforce squeezes Gwen's out of her, creating a puckered bullet wound in the back of her head, blood matting the hair. She bleeds slowly in the car as Suzie cries on the phone to Jack, and Gwen can barely make out the words, everything growing dim and muted.

She sees her life before her eyes and it is not enough. Her mother, her grandmother, their house. Growing up too fast, scraped knees and bruises. School and how she hated it so much. Her first kiss, the first time she had sex {seeing it again made her realise just how horrible it was and she was glad they'd broken up the next month}. Men flit across her mind, some nameless, others she'd never forget, Bruce, Rhys, Owen. Joining the police force, getting her badge, she's PC Cooper and she's to be listened to.


Suzie Costello killing herself.

A rooftop with Jack Harkness, being offered a job.


The aliens, the cannibals, the affair with Owen. The latter memory is something she clings to as it starts going dark, hot hands against cool windows, his bed, his apartment, this is what she needs.

And then...it goes utterly black.

And there is nothing. No Gran. No white light. Nothing.

Suzie was right. Suzie was right. Suzie was right. Suzie was right. All those dead people; they were right. Oh God, they were right. Suzie was right. Suzie was right. Suzie was--

The sunlight is blinding as she snaps alive, suddenly no longer in the car, but sprawled on the concrete at the ferry dock, in Owen's arms, gasping for breath, wailing, her hand going for her head, coming away bloody. Owen shushing her, holding her close. Jack's behind her, she can feel the presence.

And Suzie is dead.
Gwen Cooper
21 December 2006 @ 07:56 pm
what is your worst quality as a significant other?

Torchwood. There is no doubt in Gwen's mind that the reason she and Rhys are falling apart is because of Torchwood. She never lied to Rhys before this job, she never made excuses to stay at work. She'd come home, they'd eat dinner, watch the telly, maybe go to bed early if they were in the mood. Normal life.

She thought...maybe a baby soon. A desk job. Rhys would be a good dad. A good husband. But now...now all she wanted was another day at work. More aliens, more things she couldn't understand. She loved this job, and would give everything up for it. And in the back of her mind she realised she was just repeating what Suzie was telling her before she killed herself, and maybe Gwen just is the replacement. But she's going to be a damned good one if she is.

Rhys won't understand. She can keep telling herself. She can justify that as the reason she finds herself in Owen's bed, in his car, doing things with him, meaningless sex, because Owen knows. He sees what she sees. He goes through what she does...maybe not as bad, after all, he's never been shot through the back of the head, but he's easier to talk to than Rhys. He's her biggest lie to her boyfriend. Emma was just a tiny one. And for the greater good of everyone!

Excuses, these are all pitiful excuses, but she has to come up with something, otherwise she'll just go crazy. And if they break up for this job, then maybe it's for the best.

She loves this job. What would she do without it?
Gwen Cooper
22 November 2006 @ 03:00 pm
Her life is normal.

She gets up every morning, with a cup of coffee that Rhys has prepared (he's the househusband and neither of them admit it, but he is home more than she is and she likes it that way). They drink it in bed and giggle and watch the news and it's a quick kiss on the lips before she's in the shower, humming some song on the radio, singing along badly in Welsh tones.

Gwen steps out, towels dry, pulls on a uniform, brushes and dries her hair, pulls it back in a pony tail. A quick bite to eat (whatever Rhys has made...he makes delicious breakfast. Sometimes they go English, for beans on toast, and sometimes they go Belgian with waffles. And sometimes they forget to eat at all) and she's out the door.

She has a deskjob for the most part. Filing papers. But there is always a pub brawl to break up, or donuts to go buy (they always end up at Tescos, with their cheap jelly and sugar donuts, but they taste delicious after a pub brawl) and sometimes, she and Andy just drive around, both singing off-key and laughing.

She gets off at a reasonable hour, spends dinner with Rhys...sometimes he goes out pubbing with friends, especially if a game is on. Sometimes she'll go with...sometimes she takes a bath and sometimes she sleeps.

Her life is normal. And she doesn't feel that anything is missing.
Gwen Cooper
20 November 2006 @ 07:59 pm
Gwen Cooper

Gwen Cooper here. Hallo and welcome to this journal, which is used for a lovely game called milliways_bar. This journal is also a walking spoiler for the BBC Three Drama: Torchwood, which belongs to another lovely thing: Russell T. Davis.

Welcome to Torchwood.

Don't touch anything.

On a more personal note, here are some photos of me, and Rhys. More to come, probably...maybe some from me and the gang as well. :)

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