Gwen Cooper (pc_cooper) wrote,
Gwen Cooper

She'd been shot two days ago. By some kid in some stupid country village.

Two days and she hadn't told Rhys, not really. She knew he'd probably seen, how could he have not? And she'd been distant...and sometimes when she showered it just hurt. A lot.

She'd been watching telly with Rhys when she couldn't get him out of her head...and she needed someone to talk to, and she could not talk to Rhys (but she could lie brilliantly). "Ah, Rhys?" she whispered. "I need to go to work. Got a text."

Rhys just looked at her, sighed and nodded and let her go.

And so she walked...and walked. And somehow ended up at Owen's (she'd never been there before but she'd looked his files up on Torchwood's computers), at his front door. Knocking on it.

Feeling like a stupid girl, nervous.
Tags: oom, owen harper
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