Gwen Cooper (pc_cooper) wrote,
Gwen Cooper

Tonight was a good night.

Gwen and Rhys spend a night together full of fun. They're bowling, they're seeing some stupid movie ("I fell asleep, Rhys!") and now...dinner.

They discuss her job...which she doesn't want to do, regardless of how excited she is about it. "Let's have an early night."

Rhys turns to the waitress with a grin. "Check, please!"

And then...something zooms across the sky, on fire. It's not a plane like Rhys thinks, and Gwen murmurs her thought on that. They run and follow it down the street.

It crashes somewhere in the distance with a flash of light.

"What was that?" Rhys asked, incredulously.

Gwen's phone beeps. She digs it out and looks at it.


Gwen turns to Rhys, looking sort of bright. "I've got to go to work."
Tags: canon: day one, oom, torchwood ensemble
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