Gwen Cooper (pc_cooper) wrote,
Gwen Cooper


Her life is normal.

She gets up every morning, with a cup of coffee that Rhys has prepared (he's the househusband and neither of them admit it, but he is home more than she is and she likes it that way). They drink it in bed and giggle and watch the news and it's a quick kiss on the lips before she's in the shower, humming some song on the radio, singing along badly in Welsh tones.

Gwen steps out, towels dry, pulls on a uniform, brushes and dries her hair, pulls it back in a pony tail. A quick bite to eat (whatever Rhys has made...he makes delicious breakfast. Sometimes they go English, for beans on toast, and sometimes they go Belgian with waffles. And sometimes they forget to eat at all) and she's out the door.

She has a deskjob for the most part. Filing papers. But there is always a pub brawl to break up, or donuts to go buy (they always end up at Tescos, with their cheap jelly and sugar donuts, but they taste delicious after a pub brawl) and sometimes, she and Andy just drive around, both singing off-key and laughing.

She gets off at a reasonable hour, spends dinner with Rhys...sometimes he goes out pubbing with friends, especially if a game is on. Sometimes she'll go with...sometimes she takes a bath and sometimes she sleeps.

Her life is normal. And she doesn't feel that anything is missing.
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