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the humane side of torchwood

ah, that's a nice mask...

Gwen Cooper
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Gwen Cooper

Gwen Cooper is a former Police Constable for Wales. She took on a new liasion job, working for a special operations group within the Welsh Government.

She works for Torchwood [site is confidential]. Torchwood is above the government. They are the watchmen. Preparing Earth for the 21st Century. All information regarding alien technology and personnel for Torchwood is confidential.

watchmen are watching

She lives with her fiancee, Rhys, in Cardiff, and works odd hours of the day and night. She's definitely Welsh, has dark hair and eyes and an accent that'll drive you mad.

Gwen Cooper, portrayed by Eve Myles in Torchwood, belongs to RTD and his happy band of AWESOMENESS. This is for milliways_bar, and no money is being made! ♥

Gwen Cooper is currently: Countrycide.

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