Gwen Cooper (pc_cooper) wrote,
Gwen Cooper

canon: everything changes

It was a rainy, nasty night. Cold and wet as Gwen walked through the throng of police officers, peering over people's shoulders to get a look at the body in the alley, illuminated in the rain by lamps. A police officer walked by with coffee in a cardboard holder. She snagged one with a smile, "Aw, thank you."

The policeman looked a bit peeved, "I've got enough, it's in order."

"Well," Gwen said smartly, a smile still in place. "I've only just arrived, so tough!" She turned around as someone else asks what they do now and went to stand with her partner, Andy. She glanced up at him, then back at the body Andy's staring at.

"Who is it?" She sipped at her coffee. Ack, a bit too hot. She'd wait a moment, then.

"Don't know, some bloke." Andy shrugged, crossing his arms. "You going to step out on Friday?"

Gwen wrinkled her brow, shifting. "What is it, drinks?"

Andy glanced down at her. "Getting a pizza, I think."

"Might do, yeah." Gwen nodded with a pensieve look, then wrinkled her brow again as they watched the police pack up their gear and move away from the corpse, hurrying past.

"Aye, aye." Andy straightened, looking confused. "What's happening here, then?"

The group walked past them, leaving Gwen to stare after them incredulously. Andy was the first to snap out of it, rushing around to ward the crowd off, moving them back. "Move back, if you could. Thank you!"

Gwen stepped up after him, asking what was going on, but when Andy didn't answer, she found an investigator. "Excuse me, sir, what's going on?"

The man shook his head, looking irritated. "Buggered if I know. It's orders from above."

"But the body's still in there, though. You can't just leave it." Gwen shook her head, gesturing at the body.

"'Move back' they said, 'clear the site.'" The investigator continued to shake his head. "Special access they said."

"For who?"

The one word was muttered gruffly, irritatedly: "Torchwood."

A car pulled up behind them, brakes squealing in the rain and out stepped an impressive bunch, quickly soaked by the rain, carrying loads of equipment. Gwen watched them pass with an odd expression on her face. "Who's Torchwood?"

"Special Ops or something." the guy said, glancing at her coffee. "Is that hot?"

Gwen nodded, handing it over to him. "Yeah, have it." She gestured at the body and the group crowding around it. "But they're not allowed in there! They could contaminate the evidence and all sorts. I mean, haven't they--"

"Don't ask me." The investigator said, grumpily, taking her coffee happily. "There's no procedure anymore. It's a fucking disgrace."

He moved off to enjoy his coffee, away from the rain, away from Torchwood. Gwen stayed put, watching the group that had just arrived. A man in a military coat that looked like it was from the forties stood there, surveying the area. The others were setting up equipment, and Gwen couldn't quite see what was going on. She sighed, looked up and...a parking lot right above the body.

No one can say Gwen wasn't as creative as she was curious.

She ran off towards the parking lot, up the stairs till she reached the top floor, where she hid herself along the ledge, peering over.

The perfect view.

And the perfect place to eavesdrop from. Come on, then, Torchwood. Let's see what you're good for.
Tags: canon: everything changes, oom, torchwood ensemble
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