Gwen Cooper (pc_cooper) wrote,
Gwen Cooper

Canon: End of Days

The flat in Cardiff.

The sun streams through the curtains in the bedroom. The green and red ones that Gwen is so fond of.

Gwen, with her hand against Rhys' shoulder, and a slight smile on her face, gazes down at his sleeping form.

Or supposed sleeping form.

"You know it's rude to stare." He murmurs with eyes closed.

She bursts out laughing, her nose wrinkling in delight.

Giggling, "I thought telepathy would get you to make me a cuppa."

He turns into her, fingers caressing her elbow as her hand slides up his neck, looking down at him.

"What's it worth?"

"What do you want?"

"I'll draw you a diagram, shall I?" He says softly before reaching up to cup the back of her head, bringing her down for a kiss.

A long kiss. A...very long kiss.

A quick kiss later, he rolls out of bed. Gwen grins, "Nice arse!"

Rhys pauses in the doorway and slaps his bum in a shave and a haircut rhythym. Gwen laughs unabashed, before covering her mouth as the phone rings. She goes for it--

"Don't answer it."

She stops giggling as she notices the caller id.

Torchwood. Who else.

Solemn: "Yep?"

Jack asks her a very simple question. "You watching the news?"

Gwen sits on the corner of the table in her robe, as Rhys is busy in the kitchen, making coffee.

"There's speculation that the incidents overnight may be linked. Initial reports suggested terrorist involvement."
Gwen turns to glance at Rhys before turning back to the tv.

"But this morning, some intelligence experts have claimed the incidents may be a stunt. The first sightings were of UFOs over the Taj Mahal in India."

She raises her eyebrows at the footage of UFOs hovering in India. Her eyes glance over the captions (Beatles on the roof of Abbey Road studios, fears of guillotine appearance in Paris, samurai warror on the rampage in Tokyo subway system) as the reporter continues.

"They came in just after midnight. In London this morning there were reports of men in historic dress firing upon police. Some religious groups are claiming events overnight are vindication of their teachings."

Rhys comes to sit on the couch, in his robe now. "Do you think it's terrorists?"

"Terrorists bomb things. This is different." She says, intently watching the interviews of religious groups.

"People didn't believe us. Now they should. Judgement day is finally here! This is the End of Days!"

Gwen swallows hard.
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